Primary School League Awards 2018

The Primary Schools Basketball League 2018 was a huge success, with around 60 kids participating
from 10 primary schools in the surrounding areas. In the 6-week programme there were lots of
exciting matches and we saw an overall great improvement in the kids basketball skills.
The league finished up with a presentation of individual awards and goodies for all who participated.
Award winners 3rd / 4th class:
Coaches Player – Saoirse Pusca, M.V.P – Saoirse Reidy, Best Shooter – Isabel Rochford, Most
Improved Player – Charlie Mc Fadden, Best Defensive player – Eoghan Conroy, Best Offensive Player
– Isabelle Gibbons and Best Team player – Alexander Duggan
Award winners 5th / 6th class:
Coaches Player – Gustas Vitas, M.V.P – Chris Idah, Best Shooter – Ollie Reilly, Most Improved Player
– Leigh Mulvaney, Best Defensive Player – Amy Carter, Best Offensive Player – Katie Doherty and
Best Team player – Heather Mulally